How to Make a Good Home Office a GREAT Home Office

Author: Marketing Team - Ergonomics 101  Date Posted:10 December 2020 

In 2020, our world was flipped upside down, we have all had to learn how to adjust to new ways of working. As a result, many people have been forced to work remotely from their poorly equipped home offices. The vast majority have tried to “wing” the task of setting up an office from home without any professional help on how to actually achieve a great ergonomic home office. 

The space that we create to work in can either make or break our productivity and even affect our general wellbeing. If you are looking to get the best out of your home office set up, then you have come to the right place. 

Be sure to keep reading for our ultimate guide on how you can make a good home office a GREAT home office with these few simple tips. 

 Upgrade Your Desk 

Having the right desk in your home office is vitally important for you to get your work done. It needs to be one that is large enough to house all your electronics with sufficient workspace area, but also it needs to fit in your home office space. 

You also need to make sure that you choose a desk with the right height/ range to suit your height. Choosing a desk that is too high or too low will hinder your productivity and natural workflow.

Sitting or standing for long periods can have negative health outcomes, which will most likely lead to you being both unproductive and probably unhappy. One of the best solutions is to upgrade a sit-stand desk, such as these options from Ergonomics 101 Brighton. 

Purchasing a sit/stand desk is an investment in your future general health. The correct desk can help you to become better motivated and potentially less stressed whilst still achieving all your work deadlines.

Another benefit from having a sit-stand desk is that you are more likely to avoid extended hours in the one position no matter how comfortable it may feel at first. The more we move and change position generally the better we will feel. It also allows structured times in the day to change posture and position to suit intensive work example: standing for Zoom meetings.

 Investing in an Ergonomic Chair 

When you work from home, you are most likely going to be sitting at your desk for longer than you would at your work office. Therefore investing in a good ergonomic chair is a must for your home office. Choosing the right ergonomic chair for you is possibly even more important than the chair you sit on at work given you will spend more time sitting at home.

Do not be fooled by the looks of the chair alone. Some office chairs look great but are far from what Ergonomics 101 would consider as fully ergonomic.

The measure of a good home office chair should be the support and comfort it provides over potentially extended periods of time.

Check out these Ergonomic office chairs to find one to suit your needs. But ask yourself a few questions before deciding on a chair. Do you need armrests? What about lumbar support? 

Investing in a good chair for your home office is crucial for your productivity and wellbeing. If you have ever worked in an uncomfortable chair, then you know how frustrating it can be. Taking more time and care to get the right chair for yourself will be worth it in the long run.

Make sure to read online reviews or take a trip to a furniture supplier to test out office chairs for yourself. Be sure to check out these work from home bundles if you are looking to invest in new office furniture for your home office. 

 Get a Second Monitor 

If you are looking for other ways to improve your home office, then a second monitor can make a vast difference. Having another screen in your home office will give a more professional look and feel to the workspace with many added benefits

A second monitor can help to make you more efficient and structured throughout your workday by creating different ‘work zones’ on alternative screens with the ability to move and prioritize. But please make sure your screen/s are set at the correct ergonomic height for you.

Even laptop users will benefit from having a second monitor. This will be particularly the case if your monitor/s have height and reach adjustment via a monitor arm or stand. It will create the main screen that is big enough and at the right height for the user to get the most benefit and a better postural position. You can take your laptop with you to work, but then be more productive when you sit at your home office desk. It is essentially ergonomics 101 on being productive. It is essential that you do not stoop and hunch over a laptop that has the screen far to low.

Having two monitors can also be perfect for the person who loves multi-tasking. Whether your job is writing, graphic design, coding, researching, or anything else, having a second monitor can bring a huge benefit to your workspace at home. 

 Stay Organized 

If your home office does not have a method of organization, then you are already behind.

You might find that your home office does not have a lot of space for organization, so you are going to have to get creative. The best way to start getting organized is to utilize as much vertical space as possible. 

Hanging shelves above your desk is a brilliant way to increase storage space that you do have. Floating shelves are in style and will add a bit of decor to your home office. You can find ways to make your average office items look a bit more stylish while storing them this way.

Many people like to keep their desks free of clutter, so investing in a bookshelf can help you to get a good amount of storage space in your home office. Get bins that you can separate and store things in so that you are not mixing everything together. 

Try to come up with an organization system as soon as possible. Doing this will allow you to be and stay organised. Over time you will avoid getting overwhelmed by trying to organize a bigger mess later.

 Add Some Greenery 

Studies show that plants in your office help to increase productivity and can make you feel happier overall. You do not even need to go overboard with it. Adding one or two plants to your office can make you feel more productive. 

Plus, it is a great way to liven up your office and add some colour to your space. 

When you are going plant shopping for your home office, make sure that you do your research before buying a plant. Some great plants only require a little sunlight and need watering once a month. 

Look for a snake plant, spider plant, or succulent as these are easy plants that are ideal for beginners. 

These are the best plants to buy for your office because they do not need as much attention. Instead, you can focus on getting your job done and still enjoy the effects of having plants around. 

 Be Sure to Have Good Lighting 

Having good lighting in your home office is crucial. If your desk has a window by it, then you are lucky. Natural lighting helps us feel better overall, especially while we are working. 

Studies show that 47% of employees admit to feeling tired when they don't have access to natural light while they're working. 

If you do not have access to natural lighting, then you should make sure that you invest in good lighting throughout your home office. Whether it is overhead lighting, lamps, or desk lamps, make sure to get something so that you can see efficiently. 

Having good lighting in your office will help you to be more productive. It can also help to make sure that you stay awake while working and help reduce eyestrain as well as headaches.

Make sure to test out a good desk lamp by your workspace and see if it can help make you more productive. Ask your Office furniture store if you can trial a lamp at home. You will soon know if your office looks and feels better.

Think about the bulbs that you are using in your workspace as well. Fluorescent lighting can sometimes remind us of hospitals, schools, and even the office, which can feel artificial. Instead, look for lights that give off a warm glow and remind you more of natural light.