About Us

We provide ergonomic workplace solutions for home offices, commercial workspaces, aged care facilities, and the disability sector.

All of our products are compliant with Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards.

At Ergonomics 101 we provide specialised ergonomic solutions to meet individual and team needs to build a healthy workplace. We accomplish this by offering the best design for a modern flexible work environment and bring our extensive expertise to your project.

We all have the same basic need for a healthy, comfortable, and ergonomic workspace, whether our work is in a corporate environment or a home office. The Ergonomics 101 team have years of experience working with diverse teams including:

  • Procurement 
  • Facility management
  • Occupational Health and Safety 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Allied health professionals and
  • Individuals 

We also have extensive experience working with building professionals such as: 

  • Architects 
  • Designers
  • Project managers and
  • Key decision-makers 

We work to create and deliver a complete and customised workspace solution, on time and on budget. 

Our goal is simple: Set the foundations for good work by providing the best possible ergonomic outcomes and solutions for our clients. 

We are here to improve the health and productivity of all of our clients.