Computer Ergonomics: 3 Stellar Benefits of Screen Adjustability

Author: Marketing Team - Ergonomics 101  Date Posted:20 May 2020 

Safe Work Australia's 2019 workplace health and safety report shows that more than a third of all serious injury claims were caused by body stressing. These injuries are often due to poor ergonomics.

Many people think of the mouse and keyboard as the most common cause of problems with computer ergonomics but the monitor is just as important. Let's look at how screens affect ergonomics and why adjustability is so important.


 Why Computer Ergonomics Are So Important 

Most office workers spend a good part of their day, if not all of it, seated at a desk while working on a computer. Even if you make an effort to get up and move around regularly, it still means hours a day.

Proper desk ergonomics means your chair is at the right height, your keyboard and mouse are at a level that keeps your wrists and arms at a natural angle, and your computer monitor is at the right height to avoid having to bend your neck for extended periods of time.

An adjustable screen can be invaluable for the following 3 reasons.

 1. Improving Comfort and Reducing the Risk of Injury 

Your computer screen should be at eye level when you're sitting at your desk. You should be able to look at it without bending or twisting your neck.

An adjustable screen lets you position it at the correct height easily. This will ensure you can spend hours at your desk without suffering from pain or discomfort. And being comfortable will help you maintain higher productivity.

 2. Reclaim Some of Your Desk Space 

Aside from the ergonomics benefits, an adjustable screen lets you move your monitor out of the way when you're not using it. Modern screens can be quite large and they often take up a good chunk of your desk space.

Putting your screen on a monitor arm lets you move it completely out of your way while you need the space and easily swing it back when you go back to the PC.

 3. Flexibility 

An adjustable screen gives you more flexibility in how you use your monitor. You can swing it around to a different angle if you want to show something to a coworker and you can adjust where it's positioned for different tasks you might be doing on the computer.

A sit-stand desk add-on gives you even more flexibility by letting you sit or stand at a standard desk. Our Transformer 1 sit-stand desk provides a single monitor mount while the Transformer 2 lets you mount dual monitors side-by-side.

 Proper Ergonomics Can Save Your Company Money 

At first glance, it may seem as though computer ergonomics equipment is going to increase your equipment costs. The reality, however, is that investing in good equipment will save you money in the long term.

Ensuring your staff has good ergonomic equipment will help them stay healthy and avoid injuries that could lead to absences. It will also help improve their productivity and work satisfaction.

Ergonomics101 can help you get your employees set up with the right equipment for their needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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