Changing the way you sit could help ease persistent back pain

Author: Marketing Team - Ergonomics 101  Date Posted:19 August 2020 

People often say that back pain in first-world nations is a matter of sitting too much. However, studies show that people in most of the world spend 9-13 hours a day sitting. Astonishingly, this includes hunter-gatherer tribes living in remote parts of the world. The difference isn't the amount of sitting, but the difference in posture.

How Poor Posture Causes Back Pain

Most office workers or people with desk jobs eventually start sitting in a shape that resembles the letter C. Think of someone with their head and shoulders hunched forward and back curving outward. The spine has a natural, inward curve, so this sitting posture puts a great deal of uneven pressure on the spine. People tend to sit like this when their seat fails to balance support firmness, or when it lacks good lumbar (lower back) support. By sitting up straight with good posture, you can avoid this long-term stress and discomfort.

Imporve your posture with a quality office chair

A slouching posture errodes your spine and induces back pain. To find the best office chair for lower back pain, you'll need to consider a few features. Each of the following characteristics serve to support different parts of your spine and enahnace your posture.

Lower Bcak Support

When you get tired of holding up your posture, you'll slouch into the chair. The solution to this problem is a chair with good lumbar support that creates a slight inward arch when you lay back against it. By preventing from slouching, a good backrest will protect your lower back.

Proper Armrest Height

Your armrest should raise your arms slightly at the shoulder level while you rest on them. This way, your shoulders aren't doing so much work to hold up your arms for hours and your upper back won't have to do so much work.

Keeps your Work Eye-Level

Your chair should be able to stand at a height where your work remains at eye level. To see what this means in practice, relax your body, close your eyes, and sit comfortably in your chair. If you open your eyes and find that you're looking above your computer monitor, you need to lower your office chair or raise your desk. Turning your neck downward as you work increases pressure on your neck and upper back, so this is another habit to avoid.

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